Hands Down Best Elden Ring Beginner Guide


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Mar 6, 2022
What's up everyone. I was going through YouTube and I think I may have found the best Elden Ring guide that will help you become extremely strong right off the bat and give you major transportation advantages around the map.

Extremely detailed and even discusses different account builds and how to go about creating them.

I have watched a couple guides and they didn't really make sense or go into this great of detail. Hope you enjoy!


P.S. I know the link looks weird but its because its from a link shortener site. I want to track how people interact with the video and where the traffic comes from. Feel free to run a virus check

Thank you! Any questions just comment below!
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It's fine to post the vids but put the direct URL to the videos please. These linkout sites are littered with spam and viruses.