1. B

    Melee Ring PC

    On PC, softcore if that matters. Blood Master Ring req lvl: 65 +9 to Min Dmg +4 to Max Dmg 8% Life stolen per hit All resistances +11 10% MF I think everything but the MF is perfect rolls, but wasn't sure what it would actually be worth in terms of runes.
  2. Avie

    Hands Down Best Elden Ring Beginner Guide

    What's up everyone. I was going through YouTube and I think I may have found the best Elden Ring guide that will help you become extremely strong right off the bat and give you major transportation advantages around the map. Extremely detailed and even discusses different account builds and how...
  3. D

    PC on fcr, str, res, energy ring

    PC on fcr, str, res, energy ring
  4. A

    [SC] PC ISO nagel ring 30MF 75AR - MarrowWalk 2Skill 200ED 20STR

    Message The Price Thank You!
  5. D

    [SC] [FT] PS GG FCR Ring FT

    Looking to trade off my fcr ring Bone Touch Ring Lvl 48 10 FCR 88 Attack Rating 15 Dex 34 Mana 10 @ Resists 36 Gold Find Thanks for looking! ******Post or PM With Any Offer****
  6. SKunKKi

    [SC] PC PS Need BK5 Offer 4 Ist

  7. H

    Price Check for Rare 2 20 Amazon Circlet and Rare FCR Ring

    Any help with pricing either of these items would be much appreciated
  8. SKunKKi

    Rare/grafted ring

    Hi, anyone could suggest price for ring im trying to buy? 5ml / 15dex / 8mindam / 18lres / 2str / 17l / 1ll