1. nathan

    [SC] PS Attention!! Inventory clearance everything must go!

    Hi all looking to trade for runes. Best offers please I have 40 pgems 40 jewels Charms Gheeds 111/10/25 Anni 10/18/5 Bow& 7frw Small charms 6%mf 5mana +8attr5%mf Coldres10 5%eg PoiRes3% 5mf 5fhr poiRes10 Uniques Armour Ormus robe 1os upped to dusk shroud 13%cold 15%fire 10 light +3...
  2. D

    LOCKED - Please report rules infractions

    Any one have a shitty enigma they would be willing to donate?
  3. F-DADDY


    Post em here folks thanks
  4. Y

    [NL] [SC] PS Chiggen Shoppe

    Welcome to my Store! I will try to keep the list as up to date as possible, and I will be constantly adding items. Please feel free to make an offer on anything! If you have any questions about any stats, just ask and I’ll let you know. Always looking for Runes, or items for Hammerdin or JavaZon...
  5. X

    Oculus ps4


    D2 [PS4/5][Europe] Looking for players

    Hello, Me and my friend are having trouble leveling up because of the lack of matchmaking on playstation and the lack of decency from the people who joins. They run everywhere, teleport everywhere, aggro the enemies and steal the loot. I'm looking for players who want to play in a chill mood...
  7. V

    PS Need complete Griswold's set

    Offering runes
  8. K

    Looking 4 shako offering skullder and fal for it

    Let me know
  9. A

    PS5 trade shop

    Looking for tals ammy or Mara high runes cold skill charms 4 socket flail Sprit sword Natalya shadow Goldstein Blood rise Aldurs rhythm Bloodmoon Immortal kings boots and belt Manald heal ring Demon limb Ume lament Peasant crown Que hogan wisdom Goldwrap Twisted essence of suffering Spike...
  10. S


    Demonhorn's Edge 3/3/3/6/146/76
  11. K

    Eth Sup Kraken Shell 15ED 903 def + 14 durability

    What does this worth? It can get 4os at Larzuk for Merc's Fortitude
  12. H

    PS O Perfect Spirit Monarch (35% fcr)

    Lf 2x Ist + or 4x Ist/2x Gul
  13. H

    PS O Eth Thresher with 4 sockets

    I offer a Eth Thresher with 4 open sockets. Lf Vex Or Gul + Harlequiens Crest.
  14. J

    [SC] I need trang helm

    I'm looking for trang helm please leave your price! I normally respond quickly
  15. D

    [SC] [FT] PS Various items up ft

    Looking for runes and Pgem offers 4 socket eth colossus voulge 4 socket flail 5 socket phase blade 6 socket dimensional blade 4 socket archon plate (417 def) 4 socket scarab husk (454 def) 2 socket scarab husk (470 def) 3 socket dusk shroud (467 def) 3 lightning sorc/20fcr magic circlet Lava...
  16. A

    [SC] PS [WTS] Immortal King's Will 34% MF

    Need Lem/Pul/Ko or gear for Blizzard Sorceress.
  17. L

    [NL] [SC] [ISO] PS Looking for sig shield on ps4

    Hi im on ps4 USA East server non ladder soft core looking for a sigon shield im offering sigon chest gloves and belt all for it add me on ps4 or pm me on the forum. My playstation is DirtNasty187um
  18. T

    [FS] PS4 - Ethereal unique - Hotspur boots

    Ethereal hotspur boots looking for other unique for trade
  19. Rush

    30 miles to Barnard Castle - Is this the Game of the Year? Could well be

    Had to laugh at this, brilliant considering what's going on right now in the UK. Looks like PS4 only :p Apparently made in Dreams from Media Molecule on the PS4